Benefits of a Certified Local Government

September 24, 2020 | Janie Dennison

Is your community a designated Certified Local Government? Certified Local Governments are an invaluable tool in the tool belt of local governments. They bring both financial and technical historic preservation resources to the community in the form of a 60/40 matching grant and show a strong preservation ethic by the community.

These 60/40 grants can provide funding for many different projects, including: 
• Architectural, historical, archeological surveys, and oral histories that help identify significant and ordinary properties;
• Preparation of nominations to the National Register of Historic Places;
• Preparation of preservation plans;
• Public information and education activities;
• Development and publication of design guidelines;
• Development and publication of walking/driving tours;
• Development of architectural drawings and specifications;
• Preparation of streetscape, facade studies, or condition assessments; and
• In some years, rehabilitation or restoration of properties individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places or contributing to a National Register historic district.

Money is specifically designated each year to Certified Local Governments for these types of projects; communities must first pass a Historic Preservation Ordinance in order to become a Certified Local Government.
For more information what this looks like, visit the State Historic Preservation Office’s website at You can also reach out to MMSC Program Outreach Specialist, Ben White, to help get started. 

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