Fourth Quarter Maintenance Tips

November 2, 2021 | Ben White

Winter is coming and with that can come all sorts of cold and water related issues. This is a crucial time for your building and if potential problems are not dealt with now, the repairs will just become more expensive down the road. Make sure the building is prepped correctly so these next few months don’t cause headache down the road in the spring and summer time. Here are some steps that building owners can take for these winter months:


– Check weather stripping around windows and doors. Install to prevent air infiltration. (1 hour, depending on type)

– If applicable, install interior storm windows for winter. (2 hours)

– Caulk any gaps in wood for a temporary water tight seal. (30 min)

– Inspect basement for crawl space for excessive water during wet weather. (30 min)

– Sweep debris from flat or low sloping roofs. (30 min)

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