I Spy Great Work Has Landed in Harrisonville!

June 20, 2022 | Logan Breer

Main Street is all about the collective effort of the community to develop and implement downtown revitalization. It takes dedicated volunteers that work hours on end to make Main Street work because success never comes easy.  While Main Street is only one facet of peoples’ lives alongside their family, job, hobbies, and more, volunteers are impacted through volunteering with opportunities to grow and explore new callings.

In appreciation for his work, Love the Harrisonville Square has nominated Barrett Welton for “I Spy…Great Work”. This nomination enters Barrett into the running for Volunteer of the Year at the 2022 Premier Downtown Revitalization Conference in August. The nomination was submitted by Amanda Stites, Executive Director from Love the Harrisonville Square:

“Barrett has been an enthusiastic member of the Promotion Committee for the past several years, and we think he truly discovered his volunteer calling over the summer of 2021 when he took on the role of event emcee for our Bicentennial Birthday Block Party on August 7, 2021. Barrett did a great job introducing the performances during the event, while also leading the effort in booking and managing the acts and arranging for the sound equipment that was needed. His hard work over many months culminated in a public bluegrass concert by three regional acts (Matchstick Sellers, Unfit Wives, and Whiskey Mash Band) which was well received by the community and well attended.”

Love the Harrisonville Square also submitted a second nomination for “I Spy… Great Work.” This nomination came from Jesica Junge, Board Member of Love the Harrisonville Square who nominated Amanda Stities:

“She’s the driving force behind the Love the Harrisonville Square organization.  She puts in more hours than anyone else even though she has a full-time job and a baby.”

Barrett and Amanda are not the only ones volunteering with Love the Harrisonville Square. Love the Harrisonville Square reported 955 hours of volunteer time in 2021 equating to $25,985.55, which is a huge community investment in downtown! The Independent Sector values volunteer time in Missouri at $27.21 an hour (as of April 2022).

Missouri Main Street Connection recognizes the time and sacrifices it takes to volunteer at a nonprofit. Alongside our local Main Street programs, we thank everyone who has volunteered with Main Street. Nominations for this year’s “I Spy…Great Work” have concluded, but if you see individuals in your community that are completing great work by volunteering for Main Street, contact your local Main Street program and recommend they be highlighted in the future by the local Main Street program or Missouri Main Street Connection.

If you want to find resources on how to recruit, train, and recognize your volunteers, look through our resource directory which is open to MMSC investors. Not an investor? Email Staci at to find out how.

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