The Creative Space Activation grant opportunity is an ongoing grant opportunity that was created by Missouri Main Street Connection (MMSC) in 2022. This grant is a means to support local Main Street organizations activate outdoor public spaces in their historic districts. Awardees of this grant receive $10,000 to put towards activating a space in their district to engage their community.

MMSC enables more communities across Missouri to create community vibrancy through activating outdoor spaces with placemaking initiatives for all ages. This is accomplished through the funds provided through this grant opportunity to complete a space activation project that synergizes with their incremental placemaking and streetscape initiatives. Research and studies from Main Street America and their partners as well as leading placemaking firms, show that places that offer spaces to build community connections and provide activities for all ages increase community pride, vibrancy, and increases sales.

Once a year Missouri Main Street Connection opens applications for the Creative Space Activation Grant. Check back to find more information about additional round of this grant.

Warrensburg Creative Space feature photo

Past Grantees

Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc.

 Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc. won the Creative Space Activation Grant at the 2023 Missouri’s Premier Downtown Revitalization Conference. They are currently implementing the project that they were awarded the grant for. Please check back to learn more about their project once they have completed it.

Delmar Main Street Creative Space Activation Grant

Delmar Main Street

Delmar Main Street won the Creative Space Activation Grant at the 2022 Missouri’s Premier Downtown Revitalization Conference.

Delmar Man Street selected a group of seven individuals to create the Delmar Main Street Mural Exhibition. The installation is currently displayed at 5652 Delmar Blvd. where it is serving as a message that this community has hope for the future and cares about its buildings and people. During their presentation at the 2023 Missouri’s Premier Downtown Revitalization Conference Lisa Potts and Erica Hagan highlighted the placement of the installation was to protect community assets against vandalism and promote the hope they have for Delmar Main Street being united and thriving again.

The selected artists included January Kiefer, Andrea Hughes, Luisa Otero-Prada, Kelly Jeanise Brown, Brock Seals, Madeline Deiters, and Lisa Maire Thalhammer who each created a piece reflecting their own art styles and highlighting the rich diversity of this area of St. Louis, beauty of its people, and Delmar Main Street’s vision.