Strategic Teams Engaging People (STEP) Grant

Missouri Main Street Connection offers the Strategic Teams Engaging Places (STEP) matching service grant annually. Over one year, this grant provides Missouri Main Street communities access to expert guidance and training, which will catapult the organization to the next level. The recipient of this matching service grant is responsible for 25% of the costs, totaling $5,000. MMSC’s share of the matching service grant is provided through focused training on initiatives for sustained revitalization and technical assistance to advance the organization’s downtown development. Applications are accepted monthly.

Cost Share Amount
Total Investment $20,000
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Applications are currently being accepted for the STEP matching service grant.

  1. Download our grant overview materials and a printable application. Review these materials with your local stakeholders.

2. Submit your application to
    MMSC by following the criteria
    listed in the application.

Want to talk to our staff before applying? Call 417-334-3014. Keith Winge can assist you with your STEP questions.

Strategic Teams Engaging People (STEP) Focus Areas

The focus areas available to recipients include hiring an Executive Director, funding & fundraising, community engagement & volunteers, and succession planning and human resource development. These are the potential focus areas, although this matching service grant can be customized by the applicant to fit their unique needs—applicants seeking customized programming should call Keith Winge at 417-334-3014 before applying.

Hiring an
Executive Director
STEP Timeline - Fayette photo

Provide capacity building, identifying funding, and assisting in the hiring process of an Executive Director for a Main Street organization.


Fayette Main Street worked with Missouri Main Street Connection to hire an Executive Director as well as identify and secure funding for the position through an agreement with the city and other funding sources. Fayette Main Street hired Mike Dimond as their Executive Director through the Missouri Main Street Program Development Grant. Mike Dimond served the organization from 2020 until 2023 when the organization passed the baton of leadership to the current Executive Director, Cana Conrow.

Funding and
STEP Timeline - MSP Formula graphic

Assist a Main Street program in assessing the current funding, identifying other funding options, building an action plan for growing the Main Street budget, and developing a communication plan for the initiative.


Community Engagement
and Volunteers
STEP Timeline - Harrisonville photo

Guide in strategizing and developing an action plan to engage with the community to tell the Main Street story and recruit volunteers to assist in the downtown development projects and initiatives.


A Main Street program gains its energy from the community and volunteers. They are the reason we do what we do. Community engagement is vital to success.

Succession Planning
and Human Resource

Complete a thorough staff salary and benefits assessment, review roles and responsibilities, and evaluate policies and procedures which can help a Main Street program with a strong foundation. Provide a succession plan for paid staff and organization leadership.


Succession planning is an important step to increase the sustainability and longevity of a Main Street program. This service was recently utilized by Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street in 2023 to ensure that their organization is prepared for any transition that would come their way both foreseen and unforeseen.