Third Quarter Building Maintenance

July 9, 2020 | Janie Dennison

Historic preservation isn’t just about appreciating buildings; it’s about actively preserving our historic buildings assets in our downtown. In order to prolong the life of these buildings and create a visually-appealing downtown, we need to take care of our buildings well before they show major issues. The best care building owners can give to their buildings is taking those preventive and regular care measures before problems become an expensive fix. Here are some maintenance tips that building owners can put into action in the third quarter as they take care of their building:

Remove plants growing on or close to walls and foundation. (30 min)

Visually check for moss or lichen, especially around parapets, sills, and downspouts. (30 min)

Check grading at foundation to make sure water will drain away from building and not pool. (15 min)

Inspect basement or crawl space for excess water during wet weather. (30 min)

Inspect interior of building for leaks during first heavy rain of season. (30 min)

Examine roof slope to make sure water is not pooling at any area on the roof. (15 min)

Make sure water can flow freely through the gutters and downspouts. Clean out if they are clogged. (30 min)

Sweep debris from flat or low sloping roofs. (30 min)


Check back in October for fourth quarter building maintenance tips!

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